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Sweet Meadow First Cut Timothy Hay

Sweet Meadow First Cut Timothy Hay


Our large 40 oz. resealable bag of First-Cut Timothy hay is very high in fiber and usually has timothy heads.

The first cut is not quite as soft and grassy as the second cut and usually this hay has timothy heads.

Sweet Meadow recommends free-feeding hay to help with digestion and oral health. A constant supply of hay is also great for your pet's mental well-being, since grazing and chewing is soothing. 

Vet Recommended!
Sweet Meadow 1st Cut Timothy, Timothy hay, Organic Timothy hay, and Sweet Meadow Hay items are all high in fiber.

Timothy hay is the most recommended grass hay. Timothy grass hay is high in fiber, low in protein and has very low calcium content. This is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, which in turn improves overall health. A high-fiber diet will help control weight and lower the incidence of soft stools and intestinal gas. Its fresh aroma encourages consumption.

Feeding Directions
For both Growing and Mature Animals: Unlimited amounts of fresh hay.

Small animals naturally graze and should be given unlimited hay, as it promotes physical and mental health.