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ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt

ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt


Calm dog anxiety with ZenDog

Swaddling, (or applying gentle, maintained pressure) is well-known as an effective way to calm babies. Fur babies are no different. Like humans, pets have pressure points that, when activated, help calm even the most anxious dogs. 

How ZenDog® works to calm dog anxiety:

  • Activates pressure points
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Four-way stretch fabric provides just the right amount of pressure
  • Adjustable, custom fit
  • Acts as a cooling garment when wet

Zendog calming compression shirt uses generates pressure point stimulation. Zendog is ideal for any situation your dog finds stressful including:

  • Crate Anxiety
  • Noise Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • General Nervousness
  • Constant Barking
  • Travel Anxiety and Car Sickness

Chest size is the best measurement for selecting size. Measure just behind the front legs at the largest point.

Sizing tip: When in doubt for a dog inbetween sizes, always choose the next size up.